SVANEHØJ DW Cargo pumps (Offshore)


With a DW Cargo pump (Offshore) from SVANEHØJ, you get high performance and reliability in well-proven and robust design. Our electric-powered, DW Cargo offshore pumps are designed for offloading crude oil, chemicals, and internal processes, at fixed and floating units.

Based on the trusted and renowned SVANEHØJ pump technology, our DeepWell Cargo pumps are engineered to meet the most stringent demands and specifications for pumps operating under harsh offshore conditions.

Each DW Cargo pump solution is also designed to meet the needs of the specific customer and comes with a guarantee of reliable expert service and support throughout the lifetime of the installation.

DW Cargo Pumps (Offshore)

Get countless benefits with an electric DW Cargo pump (Offshore) solution from SVANEHØJ, such as low installation and maintenance costs, high energy efficiency, high safety level, limited environmental exposure, and a low total cost of ownership.

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A promise of exceptional pumps

All of SVANEHØJ's combined expertise and know-how is integrated in our OPC pumps which is why we are proud to say that our OPC solutions are more than a deepwell pump solution. It's a promise of a highly reliable system, minimised new-building and project risks, operational flexibility, economical and efficient lifetime operation, all wrapped up in unique and innovative designs.

With close to 100 years’ experience we have developed unparalleled design and technology, making our pump solutions the best, safest, and most reliable on the market

“The job was performed in a good and safe way in just some hours, and we could sail during early evening”

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DW Cargo (Offshore) Pumps updates

Don’t miss out on exiting news from our world of DW Cargo (Offshore) Pumps. Read the latest news here. 

Minimize maintenance costs with vibration analysis

Vibration measurements and analysis is a low-cost and very effective contribution to condition-based maintenance of fuel and cargo systems.   All rotating…

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Success in landing cargo offloading pump package for FPSO

One more offshore reference Svanehøj Group has secured a significant order for a FPSO unit which will be built in China and…

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