NMB Booster Pump

SVANEHØJ’s NMB Booster pump for lighter liquid gases.

Typical applications NMB Booster Pump

The NMB series of pumps acts as boosters, to increase discharging pressure when offloading lighter cargoes, i.e. low specific gravity cargoes.

Capacity: 150 -1000 m3/h

The NMB series of pumps have stainless steel metallic parts in contact with the cargoes, self-actuating pressure setting of the shaft sealing system, easy accessible shaft bearings and sealings, and heavy duty flexible coupling connected to the e-motor.

Unique leakage protection system

SVANEHØJ’s unique automatic pressurised shaft sealing system is designed for maximum sealing security and protection against leakages.

The system features a double mechanical seal and a pressure booster where the sealing oil is put under pressure both by the cargo tank and the spring, thus avoiding any adjustments by the crew.

This ensures that the sealing chamber pressure is always higher than the cargo tank pressure for maximum protection against cargo leakages.

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