DW Cargo (Gas) Pumps

SVANEHØJ’s DW Cargo (Gas) pumps handle all types of liquid gases.

DW Cargo (Gas) Pump

Get access to our extensive experience in the marine industries and expert advice to help you choose the right LPG pump, ammonia pump, ethane pump, ethylene pump or LNG pump to meet your demands and challenges. Our dedicated project teams deliver solutions for vessels from the smallest fully pressurised push barges and dedicated CO2 carriers to the largest fully refrigerated VLGCs.

Our range spans:

  • Fully pressurised tankers, cargo at ambient temperature, tank pressure up to 18 bar;
  • Fully refrigerated atmospheric tankers, cargo cooled to saturation temperature (typically -48°C);
  • Semi-refrigerated tankers, cargo liquefied by cooling/pressure process down to -104°C;
  • We are the leader in long-shafted pumps for LNG at -163°C.

Unique leakage protection system

SVANEHØJ’s unique automatic pressurised shaft sealing system is designed for maximum sealing security and protection against leakages. The system features a double mechanical seal and a pressure booster where the sealing oil is put under pressure both by the cargo tank and the spring, thus avoiding any adjustments by the crew. This ensures that the sealing chamber pressure is always higher than the cargo tank pressure for maximum protection against cargo leakages.