SVANEHØJ DW Cargo pumps for gas carriers


Tailored DW Cargo (Gas) pump solutions for all vessel types designed to optimize efficiency and minimise downtime related to cargo off-loading.

DW Cargo Pumps (Gas)

SVANEHØJ’s DW Cargo pumps (Gas) handle all types of  liquid gases at all temperatures and gravities without any component changes.

Get access to our extensive experience in marine industries, and to our expert advice to help you choose the right LPG pump, ammonia pump, ethane pump, ethylene pump or LNG pump for your demands and challenges.

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NMB Booster Pumps

Foot-mounted single stage overhung centrifugal pump. 

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More than 1100 gas carriers worldwide have been equipped with SVANEHØJ DW Cargo (Gas) and NMB booster pumps. 

“The job was performed in a good and safe way in just some hours, and we could sail during early evening”

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DW Cargo (Gas) Pump updates

Don’t miss out on exiting news from our world of DW Cargo (Gas) pumps. Read the latest news here. 

Minimize maintenance costs with vibration analysis

Vibration measurements and analysis is a low-cost and very effective contribution to condition-based maintenance of fuel and cargo systems.   All rotating…

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First orders for new high-pressure fuel pump

A new version of the patented deepwell fuel pump enables Svanehøj to supply all pumps for gas handling on LPG carriers. The…

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Svanehøj performs major service job on LPG carrier

Technicians from Svanehøj has inspected the entire cargo system on the LPG tanker Nantes - the largest and most comprehensive service job…

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