We contribute to the marine markets with the design and production of specialized pumps for vital applications and focus on lifecycle performance to enhance our customers’ business and benefit the environment being:

  • Reliable and safe
  • Efficient and environmentally sound
  • Compliant with the applicable legal requirements, regulations, and other requirements


We continue to improve our performance and reduce adverse environmental impact to satisfy our customers and other stakeholders.We give top priority to prevent occupational injuries and illness by maintaining safe and healthy workplaces for our employees and partners in all our business operations. We give everyone the authority to stop work if conditions are unsafe or quality is compromised.We set objectives and seek continual improvements in our QHSE performance. We are committed to eliminate defects, hazards and reduce QHSE related risks.We promote consultation and participation of employees to ensure that our QHSE principles are enforced and continually improved.


Date: 09-Feb-2021

Søren Kringelholt Nielsen

Group Chief Executive Officer