Svanehøj will deliver CS Fuel Pumps for four LNG-fueled chemical tankers

A European shipping company is making significant investments to reduce the carbon footprint of its fleet. Four new LNG-fueled and technically advanced chemical tankers will be delivered from 2024, equipped with cryogenic submerged fuel pumps from Svanehøj.

The customer has chosen our CS Fuel Pump for three main reasons:

- A highly efficient electric motor and a secondary cooling flow help avoid extensive heat generation, thereby eliminating the risk of boil-off gas and dry running of bearings.

- A patented LNG filter enables the efficient removal of harmful particles, resulting in less wear and tear, longer service intervals and maximum uptime.

- A delivery time of just five months from order placement.

The four new chemical tankers are built in Turkey and will have state-of-the-art multifuel engines. For each vessel, Svanehøj will deliver 2x CS 12-2 fuel pumps installed in cryosumps.

Want to know more about our CS Fuel Pump for LNG?

Visit the product site for more info: https://www.svanehoj.com/solutions/fuel-gas-solutions/cryogenic-submerged-fuel-pump/