Svanehøj invests in lean and automation


A completely new factory layout with new machines and robots will support Svanehøj's ambitious growth strategy.


Last year, Svanehøj carried out a comprehensive modernization of its administration building in Svenstrup near Aalborg. Now it's time for the production facilities.


- We spend a lot of time on internal transport of goods, tools, materials, and people. By rethinking our processes, I expect that we can increase the output from our production by 50% without increasing the number of employees, says Lean specialist Mikkel Bülow Bundgaard Sørensen, Svanehøj.


Initially, Svanehøj plans to invest more than DKK 10 million in upgrading its production facilities. The first major purchase - a Doosan Puma 3100ULY lathe - has just been put into operation and will be part of a production cell for pump shafts. With the new Doosan, Svanehøj brings together several operations that have so far been performed by four different machines. This conversion ensures a time saving of 20-25%.


A globally leading specialist within fluids and propellants

The remodeling of the factory reduces the lead time for all products. This enables Svanehøj to support the green transition in the marine industry with efficient and flexible pumping solutions.


- The intention is to build a production setup that can support Svanehøj's ambitious growth strategy. And within the next 6-12 months, we will be well into the process. But lean has no end date. It is a learning process where we must constantly strive to perform a little better and smarter than we did the day before, says Mikkel Bülow Bundgaard Sørensen.


Svanehøj is currently experiencing significant growth both in Denmark and internationally. In September, the company completed its second acquisition in less than a year and took over Wärtsilä Tank Control Systems (TCS), which develops high-end measurement systems for gas tanks on LNG vessels and land-based LNG plants. The investments will support Svanehøj's strategy to become a globally leading specialist that develops and services critical equipment for handling all types of fluids and propellants.