It is almost six months since Svanehøj acquired Force Technology’s Marine Equipment Service department in Frederikshavn, and new opportunities are already emerging. Meet Service Manager Kristian Bertelsen.


Synergies are lining up in Svanehøj’s service department after the acquisition of FORCE Technology Marine Equipment Service in Frederikshavn.

The acquisition took place in November, creating a service department of approximately 50 employees and a wide range of competencies within pumps, compressors, valves and calibration.

The goal is to be responsible for overall service in the global LPG segment, where Svanehøj now represents the absolute largest supplier of pumps and compressors.

“Customers have welcomed our new service setup, and there have been many enquiries about our whole service package,” says Service Manager Kristian Bertelsen at Svanehøj.


A manager with extensive experience 

Kristian Bertelsen has been in charge of the department in Frederikshavn since 2011. He originally trained as an electrician at the Port of Hirtshals, and later as a marine engineer. He has previously worked on a cable ship that repaired fibre optic cables. Before joining FORCE Technology, Kristian was a project manager at MAN Energy.


He is currently the day-to-day manager of Svanehøj’s service department, and the service manager is happy to have become part of a group that impresses him in terms of collaboration.

“I like the openness. There’s the backing to make changes that we initiate in order to support our customers. You don’t have to fight to convince people that things should be made smarter, because we all want to move forward,” says Kristian Bertelsen.


Strong manufacturer bonds are a big plus

Svanehøj’s new and larger service organisation has significantly increased the possibility of entering into framework agreements, which was a clear ambition behind the acquisition – and has succeeded.

The key points here are the service business’ anchorage in Svanehøj and a strong bond with a leading compressor manufacturer, as the only external service partner on a global level.

“We ha

ve entered into framework agreements with the largest of our customers. They want to use us because we represent the makers, and we can supply original spare parts and the best service,” says Kristian Bertelsen.