Vibration measurements and analysis is a low-cost and very effective contribution to condition-based maintenance of fuel and cargo systems.


'All rotating machines vibrate during operation, and vibration is in fact one of the earliest indicators of a machine’s health.


By measuring and analysing changes in the pump’s vibrations, the Svanehøj technicians are able to determine if vital components should be serviced or replaced. To ensure costumers the highest possible operational reliability and safety.


The initial vibration analysis is performed during the gas trial or commissioning. This analysis is used for future reference when Svanehøj technicians perform another vibration analysis during the pre-docking inspection.


By comparing the two analyses, the vibration specialists can determine the accurate condition and expected lifespan of vital components. In case of abnormal changes in the vibrations, components can be replaced while they are still in a sound condition.


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Minimise future maintenance costs with vibration analysis on board the ship