Korea is a key market for Svanehøj, which is among the exhibitors when the global marine industry from October 19.-22. gathers for Kormarine 2021 in Busan, Korea.


”We have the products that point towards a greener future, and we have the competences to put together the best fuel- and cargo pump solutions for the marine industry.”


This is the message from Svanehøj to the many visitors who will visit Kormarine 2021 from October 19.-22. Svanehøj will be part of the Danish National Pavilion at the exhibition in Busan, Korea.


- The green transition is already accelerating in the marine industry. At Svanehøj we have the technology and the solutions to ensure full fuel flexibility and make the ship owners able to adjust the rapidly changing regulations and market developments, says Johnny Houmann, Director, Projects & Sales, at Svanehøj.


Green conversion changes the market

Korea is a key market for Svanehøj, and Kormarine 2021 is a long-awaited chance to meet up and discuss new opportunities for cooperation with the customers whom Johnny Houmann and the colleagues have been unable to visit during the COVID-19 pandemic.


- The marine market is changing along with the conversion from oil and coal to more environmental-friendly fuels. At Svanehøj we will increasingly deliver our fuel gas solutions directly to the shipyards. Therefore, we have a mutual interest in meeting to find the best possible way for us, as a supplier, to contribute to the yards' business, explains Johnny Houmann. 


Svanehøj wants to contribute to a cleaner and safer world by offering technical solutions that will, effectively, ensure the transition to cleaner energy types. For example, the Svanehøj fuel pump is designed to operate on future alternative fuels and to ensure that ships emit fewer harmful particles and less CO2. And the Svanehøj cargo pumps help deliver gas to exposed areas in the world, providing a better alternative to oil and coal.


The face-to-face meeting creates a completely different energy

Kormarine 2021 is the first physical exhibition in more than two years for Svanehøj. Johnny Houmann will be going to Busan with Senior Sales Manager, Frank Norman Jensen. It is an event they have been looking forward to with great excitement:


- Finally, we are able to meet face-to-face again. Most of us have become used to virtual meetings, but there is no substitute for being in the same room. Meeting in-person is definitely the most effective way to build business relationships. Also, we look forward to once again being part of the Danish National Pavilion, says Johnny Houmann.


Kormarine is held in Busan Exhibition and Convention center (BEXCO) from October 19.-22. 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic ”Stay Safe Guidelines” for both exhibitors, as well as visitors have been introduced. All visitors must go through a temperature check and disinfection at the entrance, and exhibitioners must make sure to keep the booths clean and have control with the capacity. At Svanehøj all precautions have, obviously, been taken with vaccines and tests.