Focused technical investments in low noise cargo pumps, compressors, and engine room fans have reduced the noise from cargo operations at Furetank by up to 85%.


Noise from vessels in port is a rising environmental problem in ports around the world. As urbanization continues to accelerate, residential areas are moving closer to the industry ports, and noise regulations are being tightened.


At Furetank, noise was, therefore, an important focus area when the shipping company in 2018 invested in the Vinga-series which is a new generation of intermediate product/chemical tankers with LNG/LBG propulsion.


In the design of the ships, electric cargo pumps from Svanehøj have been chosen, as well as low-noise compressors and engine compartment fans. It has drastically reduced the noise level during cargo operations.


Furetank's own decibel measurements onboard the vessels in the V-series show that sound from cargo operations is reduced by 73-85% compared to vessels of an earlier design. The most striking reduction in sound is found in the areas where cargo pumps are placed.


Electric pumps support climate ambitions

The vessels in the Vinga-series are developed in cooperation with FKAB Marine Design and are the first vessels in Furetank's fleet designed with electric pumps; however, they will not be the last.


According to Technical Manager Clas Gustafsson the experience with Svanehøj’s DL-pump system has been very positive. Besides the striking noise reduction, Furetank has registered a 25% reduction in fuel consumption by the cargo discharge operations compared to the ships in the fleet with other pumps.


Thus, Svanehøj’s pump systems support the high climate ambitions at Furetank. Since 2008, the company has reduced the total average CO2 emissions from its owned fleet by around 50%.


- We are, continuously, striving to adopt green solutions for the environment and climate. Going forward, energy efficiency and noise levels will be important factors in our choice of pump solutions, says Clas Gustafsson.


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