Corporate Social Responsibility

Svanehøj is a responsible and dedicated supplier whose pump solutions can help minimize energy consumption in the Marine Industry. With a strong company vision, sustainability and dedication towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals are fundamental in operating and governing our company.

Our targets

Our carbon footprint

We are ready to take our share of responsibility for carbon emission reductions. We commit to taking climate leadership within the company and in our value chain. In 2020 we embarked on our journey by developing the first carbon emission accounting for Svanehøj. We will track our di-rect greenhouse gas emission during the next years and assess how we can contribute significantly to decreasing our own greenhouse gas emission.


Our social responsibility - a diverse workplace

We are ready to take our share of responsibility for local employment opportunities for disadvantaged groups and quality education. We commit to being an inclusive workplace and, amongst others give the flexibility needed to create jobs for employees with different needs. We also commit to providing quality traineeship and apprenticeships across the different disciplines within our company.

Our code of conduct

Svanehøj is committed to carrying out its business in a sustainable way.


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SVH Code of Conduct